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My turn!

Covid sucks. Damn damn damn. I'm fairly convinced it got me too. I had it back in June. I thought there was a good chance that because I already had the Omicron variant that I would be in the clear. Not looking like it now. I started with the sore throat yesterday. Just a hint of one. Daisy tells me it was the same for her. She officially tested positive this week.

I haven't taken a test yet. I'll wait until I'm really sick. I remember when I was convinced that I had it the first time back in June that I still tested negative for two days, but eventually came up positive. I knew I had it because of the different feeling in my chest that I had never experienced before.

Fortunately, I have zero responsibilities for an entire month. Realistically I could just spend the next month in my apartment. Yeah, let's not do that. I've got plenty of neighbors that can help me out that are still in their apartments. I'll be fine eventually. It just sucks.

It's New Years Eve now early in the morning. Throat is same as yesterday. Don't feel to achy and not a headache yet. Assume it's coming as those are the main symptoms that everyone else seems to have had. Might get together with Daisy tonight. It's not like we could get each other sicker than we already are. We've already shared plenty of germs.

Midday now. Still no changes. I've been laying on my couch for two days now. Maybe I don't have it? I don't know. Still just the slightest sore throat that seems to sort of come and go.

Vacation plans on hold until my health status becomes clear. Ugh. Did I mention Covid sucks?

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