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New suit

Back to the grind today after ten days off. Sporting the new threads for our picture day. I dig the vest, but I'm not a jacket guy. After wearing it for a full day I can say I noticed the difference in having clothing tailored exactly to fit me.

Spent a couple of hours putting together paperwork for reimbursement items today. My golf. My dental visits. My hospital visit. Will be nice knowing I'll have around 8000 RMB coming back to in my next paycheck.

Speaking of money. I'm attempting to set myself up for next summer. I'll go three months without getting a paycheck next year. My last payday here at HIS will happen in June. Nothing in July or August. Won't get paid again from Meridian until the end of September. That could be a rough stretch if I'm not careful. No crazy spending sprees next summer and likely no travel. I don't feel comfortable piling up credit card debt. Did that a lot when I was married. Never again. Debt that is, not marriage.

Not much going on this week. In negotiations with HIS athletic department trying to get a golf simulator set up in place for a golf team. We don't have access to a course or range, so if possible we'll try and have virtual golf at a minimum. New friend Ian and I will coach our golf team together. He made contact with a company here in Hangzhou that sets up simulators. They've invited us to check out their equipment and play a round for free.

Not bad. Apparently they have all kinds of different levels of costs. Not sure what our school would be willing to invest. I hope we can give them some options.

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JP Singh
JP Singh
29 oct 2023

Tailored Clothing is awesome! I had a suit stiched for me in india and it fits soooo perfectly. High recommend for all suits and such attire. Your suit looks great on you as well Mr Shick!

Me gusta
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