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Night of the little candles

Part of living in an international community is being exposed to traditions from all over the world. One of our staff members (and my new yoga teacher) Anita is from Columbia. They have a night in Columbia called "The night of the little candles". It's part of their Christmas season and it commemorates the immaculate conception.

The story goes that you light small candles for your loved ones. Well, that's Anita's story anyway. I think it has something to do with welcoming the Virgin Mary into your home. I think I like Anita's version best. I lit a few candles and joined in a bit. We lit some sparklers as well. This is my buddy Axel.

Axel found an extremely cheap round trip ticket to Hungary and will be heading out to Europe for three weeks for his break. He's got family and friends in Budapest. Lucky dude. Color me jealous.

I also stayed awake last night until 5:00am. Seriously. I'm generally asleep before 10:00pm most nights. Why? Watching World Cup with a group of dudes that's are way into it. Super frustrating for me to watch. WTF is a foul in this sport? Is it a contact game or not? And watching grown men fall down and ACT like their feeling the pain of a thousand deaths is just embarrassing.

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