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Off to Shanghai again

Spending the weekend in Shanghai with Aiyun. Our plan is to get together with her mom and have lunch tomorrow. Also planning on a special dinner tomorrow night. Fingers crossed for a great meal. There’s big doings in Shanghai this weekend. Formula 1 is in town for the Shanghai Grand Prix. I looked into tickets, but they were crazy expensive. $700+ USD just to be at a practice session today or tomorrow. Ummm. Hard pass.

Time feels like it’s charging towards the end of June. Almost exactly two months until I head back to Bellingham. School feels like it’s in end of year mode. I had what will likely be my last regular class with my 12th graders today. They start what will be a full month of Diploma Programme (DP) testing starting next Wednesday. Odds are that after the testing most won’t come to school anymore. That’s three hours of teaching each week that I now have to prepare for other classes and plan. I’ve got some other responsibilities with the 10th grade China Trip to Inner Mongolia a month away, but I feel like I’m well ahead of the game this year. We’ve got a plan to get together after testing and make apple pies together. That should be fun.

Speaking of wrapping things up. I’ve acquired some stuff over the past two years that I will either sell, give away, or just leave when I head back. An electric bike. Some paintings. Bedding. Towels. A clothes dryer. Etc. I’m not the type to negotiate prices on things, so give away makes the most sense to me. This process is making me realize that I could live out of a few suitcases. I don’t feel particularly attached to many things. I keep telling myself that I won’t transport something home if I can just buy it in the states. And really, I haven’t acquired many souvenirs. I guess for me it’s the memories I want the most.

Trivia night last night. We were close to the lead after four rounds and feeling confident. And then round five was worth as many points as the first four combined. The questions were sort of lame (even the winners agreed). A bunch of social media questions, and I don’t really do social media. In general I feel like it’s largely poisonous for the soul. Hard pass. Get em next time.

Standing on the platform at Hangzhou South Railway Station. Don’t think I’ll get used to this happening…

Met Aiyun at Hongqiao in Shanghai and we took a subway to our hotel. We stayed at this place before because it’s close to her mom’s apartment. Up and at em in the morning with a good breakfast before we take on our day.

An interesting contrast comparing her plate to mine. I had bacon, eggs, and small rolls that I turned into breakfast sandwiches. I also had a large plate of various fruits. Those large fried wafer things she had on her plate were shrimp chips. They’re popular all over Southeast Asia. She made me try one. A distinct fishy taste that’s not for me.

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