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Ouch. My butt

Met Axel early and headed around West Lake again. Putting serious miles on my bike. I’m a bit too old for my seat. Thinking I’ll have to buy something with a bit more cushion. Yeah. Ouch. Here are the details that Axel shared with me. Our starting point is the extreme southeast part of the loop. That’s where the new campus is located. For the non-metric out there it’s about 26.3 miles. Note: I did this with electrical assistance. Axel did it on a 22 gear touring bike. Much harder for him, but he’s a young kid in his 20s.

Cool sight of the day? A group of older folks doing Tai Chi next to the lake.

We hit a breakfast place and got something to eat afterwards. It was nice having someone that speaks enough Mandarin to be competent. Axel spent two years teaching in Taiwan before coming to Hangzhou. He’s a great biking companion. Getting lost is part of the adventure. It happened more than once even with navigation. I appreciate his attitude.

Every financial transaction here is done using phone apps. All of them. Most venders won’t take cash. Like, flat out refuse. Today I took a big step. I used an app on my phone to order a meal and have it delivered to campus. I had to walk down to the front gate and pick it up, but it’s hella convenient. So, why is this a big deal? The phone apps are only in Mandarin. Not reading or writing it makes it sort of tough. Here, ya go. How would you handle this?

Soooo tempting to just hit the blue button in the bottom corner, but of course you’ll get an error message. Address? Name? Phone number? I believe once I have them in I’m good to go. I have another phone app that will translate all the text and turn it into this…

It was mostly manageable. It takes a while to get used to the way they format addresses. In larger cities they have districts. I’m in the Binjiang district of Hangzhou. In the end I got fed and know I’ll be able to do it again. Of note, it cost me about $3 USD.

I’m told we can expect more fluff for three days of work this week. More meet and greets as the new staff shows up to start their year. As a full K-12 school we’ve had just over 50% turnover. It’s mostly due to people being stuck here because of Covid. I can say it’s nice that this school puts a priority o. Making sure they staff knows each other well. I’ve preferred working with all my other math teachers this past ten years as opposed to doing everything alone in my cave. I believe we are going to be out into teams to plan a dinner item. Shop for groceries and cook it up at someone’s house, and then bring our dish back to school to share with everyone. Not bad.

Special note to Steve: I have the tenth pick in a live serpentine draft. 0.5 ppr. Likely Kelce in the second and best available RB in late first. Not sure after that, but odds are I’ll lock down two more RBs through the fourth if I can flex one of them. Looking forward to connecting with a few more like minded people.

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