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Out and about in Shanghai

I've been to Shanghai many times now, but failed to go up in the Shanghai Tower until today. Second tallest building in the world. Keeping with a new tradition Aiyun wanted to pose in the lobby of another hotel.

We arrived in Shanghai and had bought tickets last night to make sure we could go up in the tower. Small problem. The clouds and fog were super thick today. We could see straight down to the ground, but anything beyond a kilometer was covered behind the fog. It wasn't pollution. The air quality index was very good today. Just high humidity.

Not a good view into the distance, but if you got close to the edge you could see straight down. The building on the right that looks like a bottle opener is the Shanghai Financial Center. It's the 11th tallest in the world.

Being so high up in the air makes the Shanghai Radio tower look small. Bummer we couldn't see far off into the distance, but still a cool experience.

The elevator up was also a bit of a thrill. Going up 118 floors in less than a minute makes your ears pop with the quick change in air pressure.

I felt pretty bad about forgetting to take Schmelmo to Xian last weekend. Glad to say he made it this weekend to Shanghai.

Off to Yuyuan Garden in the afternoon. I visited it last year during Chinese New Year when it was freezing cold out. Aiyun and I went there today when it was much warmer. The Garden is an old residence and garden in the middle of the city. It's surrounded by small shops all around and has a really cool old town feel.

I purchased a couple items for my ayis (cleaning ladies) because I want to let them know how much I appreciate their help. Such a cool place. Here's a bunch of pictures from inside so you can get a feel.

A special note on the last picture in this gallery. The pair of lions show up in entry ways quite often as a male/female pairing. The father lion consistently has his paw on a globe. The mother lion consistently has her paw on a baby. This is at least the fourth pair I've seen like this in historically significant locations.

As we were leaving the area we stumbled upon this...

Tanghulu!!! I love the strawberries covered in thick hardened sugar. So sweet and so good.

We finished off the day by having dinner with Aiyun's mom, brother, and nephew.

The air was palpable with curiousity surrounding me. Her brother (Zhou Xiang) certainly was skeptical about Aiyun dating a foreigner that's headed back to the states next year. That's a good sign. It means he cares about her well being. I can relate. I care about her a lot too. Where is this going? How committed are we to each other? Valid questions that he would like answers to. Somehow I'm guessing if you're reading this you would like some answers too. All in good time my friends and family. I can say this much... we're having the right conversations about our futures. It's complex and we're not taking this lightly or irresponsibly. There's a lot of questions that need solid answers as we contemplate a future together.

In other news my home city of Hangzhou is hosting the Asian Games. I was waiting until I got paid this past week to buy tickets for something. Anything really. I've heard that getting tickets can be hard. Well, it looks like I waited too long. Everything looks sold out. Everything? Yeah. Everything. Bummer.

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03 oct 2023

Schmelmo!!! what a world traveler he's become! Glad to hear your having the right conversations and will be interested to hear all about them. looks like another very fun life adventure.

Me gusta
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