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Pain in the neck

My neck had been getting significantly better over the last two weeks. Could be time. Could be the acupuncture treatments. Can't know for sure, but the last two days have been pretty bad when I wake up in the morning. I had an acupuncture treatment left that I've paid for. Would have used it last week, but it was the national holiday week and nobody was working. So I went tonight and got my last treatment. I'll give it a few days and consider more.

I also got some cupping done as well.

Immediately after this treatment I felt better. Like, a lot better. Again, I'll give it a few days and maybe go for more treatments. If I go again it will likely be Sunday.

Not much new to report on life in China this week. News of the world is entirely focused on what's happening with the Palestinian-Israel conflict. I guess people might be interested in hearing about what perspective I get here in China. I get my fill of Chinese propaganda via WeChat. I have to say that it's fairly slanted in favor of Israel. When I watch CNN and FOX they both seem to indicate that somehow China supports the Palestinians. That's not the case. However, I have heard some nuanced arguments about why the UN and other international powers allow Israel to label all Palestinians as Hamas. Hamas isn't an elected body that represents all Palestinians. I don't know enough details to make arguments. Regardless, it's sad to hear about innocents getting hurt. I don't know. There are always going to be Hawks worldwide looking for a fight.

Speaking of more "pain in the neck" stuff. I've been grading a lot of exams this week. They've all be "formative" exams. They don't count. These are the practice tests students take about a week before the real "summative" test. It's my job to give students and parents feedback on what they need to improve on before the real test. I also need to provide targeted practice. It's a lot of work, but I have to admit it's a good system for the students that I'm working with.

The last two poker games I've tried to organize have fallen through. Not enough demand for a game lately. Busy teachers. I'll keep trying. We shall see.

Aiyun will be here this coming weekend. We have some plans ready to go. Dinner with another couple Friday night. Brunch with the apartment gang on Sunday morning. Perhaps some light shopping Saturday. We need to start scoping out warmer clothing for our January Harbin trip. Maybe even hit some golf balls together this weekend. I'm thinking we will wing it on Saturday and see what we're feeling in the moment.

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Ed Gulyas
Ed Gulyas
Oct 11, 2023

Looks like you got into a fight with a porcupine

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