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Planning an event

I've thrown out an idea to my other Mt. View residents. I'm trying to organize a group trip to a driving range to teach some others how to hit a golf ball. I've got a few folks that I've spoken directly to, but I made it public last night on WeChat. I've got two responses so far. I think we'll get more as next week roles along.

This isn't generally my thing. I'm not an organizer, but I want to play and if I struggle to find folks to play I figure why not try to create some golfers? Target date for this event is Sunday October 30th. Wish me luck.

Warning! Golf swing related stuff that most of you will not enjoy. Read on at your own risk...

Recently I've had a swing thought on my mind. When I got on the course a week ago this swing thought helped my irons a ton. It's about torso turn and using your body. It's a feeling that I've struggled to communicate to others. This in mind I've bought a tool that I think will help. Here it is...

I've seen similar tools before. This is the one that I think will work best for me. Perhaps for others? Engaging the big muscles through the core creates power. Even more so when you get the hips involved. This way you don't have to rely on the arms doing anything other than being along for the ride.

There's a statistical principle that goes along with this. It's called degrees of freedom. Every joint in the body is a degree of freedom. If you hold up your pointer finger it has three degrees of freedom. Two knuckles and the joint at the base. If you can eliminate degrees of freedom from your golf swing you have more control over where the club is going. Much easier said than done. We can think something, but getting your muscles and joints to do exactly that is a challenge. Kinesthetic intelligence is a real thing. Some people have lots more than others. Michael Jordan? Tiger Woods? Yeah. They have it in ways most of us will never be able to imagine. Ankles. Knees. Waist. Shoulders. Elbows. Wrists. Fingers. Lots of degrees going on here.

I'm also targeting Sunday November 13th for my next attack of the golf course. I believe I've got two other guys in, but knowing just how committed people are can be tricky. Fingers crossed.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Oct 22, 2022

I truly wish I could like golf... but my back says a very very very different story. Wondering what the stats are on golf related back issues? Even thinking about that motion almost sends me running for the rum and ibuprofen... then again what thought doesn't send me running for rum?

Replying to

I've never experienced back problems playing golf. I know Dave has but I don't know if they are golf related. He does swing like a mofo sometimes! I actually find it feels good to twist and

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