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Planning for Singapore

Singapore is a tiny island nation at the southern tip of Malaysia. It's about seven hours flying time south to the equator. I'll have an overnight layover in the city of Kunming of the Yunnan province. I grabbed an expensive hotel room (not kidding) for $31 USD. There were some as low as $12.

Lots of potential in Singapore besides golf. The restaurants and food look great. I'm especially looking forward to all the "hawker" food. There are centers all around the city where small pop-up restaurants that sound similar to food trucks show up. There are several of these hawker centers all around the city. I've read great things about them. One of the hawkers is famous for earning a Michelen Star. I read that I'll need some smaller bills in cash, so I'll hope that I can find an ATM that will let me get Singapore dollars. I called my bank and they don't see it being a problem. It's been nice living in a cashless society here in China. I'm realizing now that's it actually a "wallet-less" society. It's all on the phone. There's never a need to carry a wallet.

My former Vice Principal Andy Donahue is the guy that started me down this international teaching adventure. He taught in Singapore about ten years ago. I asked him for some suggestions and he hit me with some ideas. The botanical gardens near Marina Bay sound like an afternoon. There are several parts to the gardens, and one portion looks like the movie Avatar. another random fact that will shed some light on Singapore, one out of every six households there has at least one million dollars USD in expendable wealth. The place is super rich. I've read that there are exotic cars all over the small island nation. I'll take some pictures if I can find a Maclaren, Lotus, and Ferrari together.

Just had a random thought. I'll need to stop by my classroom to pick up Schmelmo. He's certainly heading out with me. I'm sure he'll try to talk me into a picture from on top of the Marina Bay Sands. Seriously, the looks I get from random people when I take pictures with Schmelmo are the best.

I haven't done much traveling on my own like this. My tendency is to want to make sure I have plans to fill my time, but I think I'm going to just wing it outside of tee times for golf. I would have preferred to stay in China, but traveling on my own combined with the language barrier made me want to pick Singapore instead. I've read that they speak a bizarre form of English there called Singlish, but at a minimum I should be able to communicate with the locals.

Final note of the day: weather. Not going to be too sunny, but humid and warm. Solid chance of some rain showers. Looks like a few sweaty days in shorts. It's actually not bad here today in Hangzhou. Looking like it might hit sixty degrees with some sun today.

Busy morning for me today. Dropped my golf clubs off at the driving range. Headed to get a haircut. I thought they opened at 9:00am, but apparently it's at 10:00am. Burned my extra hour by walking to a Starbucks and enjoying a mocha. Haven't had one of those in a couple of weeks. Hit balls in the range and headed back to school. I was up early and watched a bit of the Sentry golf tournament in Kapalua. Couldn't help but notice how compact the wedge swings were for all the pros. Will give me something to focus on today. Also working hard to engage the core more and take the arms out of the swing. I've been playing lots less golf, but I feel pretty confident in that I'm making strides with my swing. It's a life long pursuit that will never attain perfection, but the journey is super fun.

Planning to open the gym for basketball players this afternoon at 1:30pm. My bad Achilles hasn't been bothering me the last few days. Am I finally healed? It just on the cusp of Messing it up worse? We shall see.

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