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Plans within plans

I'm a contingency planner. It's part of what makes me, me. My brain works overtime to consider what might happen so I can be prepared for it. There's a lot of irons in the fire this week and I've got zero confidence when it comes to predictability at the moment. I've got a sort of "ideal" set of outcomes and my fingers are crossed, but I'm prepared to take on new challenges as they roll in. Yeah, just roll with it.

The Cottages at Edgewood in Tacoma contacted us and would like to have a long distance video meeting with mom Friday morning. That will be very early Saturday morning for me. Fortunately, I can sleep through it. Our social worker Shari tells me I won't be needed for this one. I spoke with my aunt Wendy about the possibilities of the Tacoma placement. It will put some responsibility on her to help us check off some boxes, but she's up for it. She's pretty ouch a superhero in my book. ** Always has been. If mom is placed in Tacoma the plan will be for one of my mom's sister to meet her there and make sure she feels welcome. Further, if she's down there away from Bellingham we're going to need some help with getting her bank records for the Medicaid application. This is going to work. I can feel it. Just mad positivity.

After school today I went to a driving range and hit some golf balls. Mostly went well. Still don't feel right with the driver, but the irons have been great. A bit of a shock when the price was double this time around. First time at this range was half off. Next time full freight rate. I'm in a taxi on the way back home at the moment. Starvin Marvin. David is a hungry camper. Tons left over from yesterdays meal prepared by my Ayi.

** I have a strong memory of my Aunt Wendy. We used to do Christmas Eve with our larger family when I was a kid at her home. I remember each year as we were leaving at the end of the night she would wave to us from the door/window. She did it every year. I remember the Chex mix my mom would make most years for that party. I remember finishing the night with Christmas carols. Silent Night was always last. A bit odd the things that stick with you forty years later.

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Kari Bosley
Kari Bosley

I am also a contingency planner. Must be in our genes. ;) Keeping you all in my thoughts as I know living far away presents its own challenges too. Hoping this place works out for Aunt Nelda. I have fond memories of spending many summer days at your house on the bay. Some of the best moments of my childhood. I was truly blessed with the best cousins! It's funny that you remember Aunt Wendy waving from the window. I remember Grandpa Boyce waving from his window each time we would leave his place. I find myself standing outside by my garage waving at my kids and grandbabies when they leave. Tradition must live on! hehe

You are doing great…

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