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Playing Hooky

I took my one personal day to play golf today. Shot an 81 (40-41). Started on number 10.

Another pleasant young lady as my caddie. Her name was Jiang.

Again I felt like I was on the cusp of a great round. Perhaps it will come together when I'm home this summer and playing almost daily.

I ended up back at the school (because, like, I live there) delivering apple pie to various people and made sure to get my free daily lunch. I ended up short on my pie count. Will have to invest some time tomorrow night into baking one more. There's a lady that's our hallway ayi. I say hi to her everyday. She cleans my room each day after school. She always smiles and goes about her work. Pretty sure I should just give her an entire pie. There about ten of these ladies that work here at HIS, and a crew of men too.

Followed that up with a nap on the couch while some random movie played on my TV.

Final thing to share from my day? The views of my balcony. Not bad.

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