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I was a Jim Mora fan. Dude was a good NFL coach. If you know this picture and quote, you're old like me and an NFL fan. If not, let's just say Jim Mora had a sense of humor.

Seriously, I'm a fan of NFL head coaches. All of them. It's a very small fraternity. Only the elite of the elite make it to this level. There have been some great leaders of men I've had a lot of respect for. In my opinion this is one of the toughest jobs in all of sports. They've all had great success to get to the top, and all of them will see it end it embarrassing failure. Consider that statement. They all get fired eventually. Bill Belichick is one of the most successful of all time. Read the headlines this year and he's getting roasted weekly.

Week one of our fantasy football playoffs this week. Going into Monday Night Football I have an 18 point lead with one player left. My opponent has two players left. Here's where we stand. Given our projected scores it could be VERY close.

Monday Night game passes and... Seahawks win!

Even better! I won my fantasy matchup and advance to the final four next weekend! The Amish Rake Fight lives to fight another week. I have to admit that watching my home team win while my fantasy player has a good game for my favorite team is pretty cool. Double the fun.

I went and played a round of screen golf after the football game. Played okay. Hit my driver and irons well, but the putting and chipping is a nightmare to judge. It was sort of cool throwing an eagle up on the card immediately following a three hole stretch where I was nine over par. Considering that I finished +9 means that I played par golf on the other 15 holes.

A final note for today. There's a professional basketball team in Taiwan called the Beer Leopards. Yeah, that's a thing.

Have to think a golf shirt with this logo on the upper left chest would be perfect for more than one of my friends.

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