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Poker night

All set for poker tomorrow night. Going to have a full table of eight players. Here's the calm before the storm. I must be excited to play. I have this ready to go a day before the game.

We played for four hours. That was a great time. We played 1-2 no limit. 100 RMB buy in with unlimited rebuys. Seven players and only four of us walked away with money. Zach was the big winner. He flopped sets of aces twice and got them to pay huge each time. We're already talking about doing it again. I think I might buy an actual poker table for the next game. Winning was nice, but it they were a great group of guys and I just enjoyed the banter all night. The really crappy drunk play was a bonus.

Favorite hand of the night? Raised preflop with 2-7 off suit. Bet it down the whole way and dragged a big pot with nothing. Somewhere, Jack Johnson is smiling knowing that I played the "hammer" correctly. 2-7 is almost the 2-8, but one better. I got a good buddy with 2-8 named for him. I wonder if he'll chime in and take credit for that?

Also thinking about advertising a ladies night. I wouldn't need to play, but would deal for them. If I got a couple of the right ladies to buy in I'm sure I could make it happen.

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