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Poker night

Another full table last night for our regular poker game. Even had a couple players that showed up for a short time and bought in. The night reinforces just how much I like running a game and dealing for everyone. I dealt cards and played for more than an hour before I raked my first pot. I dealt myself terrible cards. I feel good about it because I didn't throw away money and still ended up ahead for the night.

Love this picture. From left to right: Zach, Sean, Kibble, Emer, Richard, Jeremy, Matt, Ian, and Chelsea. A fun group. This picture was the result of me saying "Flash me your gang sign". Tony joined the game also, but busted out after a few hours. Glad he dropped me a note letting me know he had fun and appreciated the game. It's not a big money game, but enough that people notice. The most anyone wins or loses is generally about $100 USD.

Shooting for December 8th to have another ladies night of poker. I've had a few friends ask me about about it. When I sat and had lunch yesterday with Ana she had the date of the next ladies game memorized. A good sign that she is looking forward to it.

Today is the final day of volleyball season for our kids. Monday is slated to be the first day of basketball practice. I spent a couple hours this past week creating a playbook for our team. Dreading the time investment that a basketball season will consume, but looking forward to a larger roll as an assistant coach this year. I'll have three weekends that will be dedicated to tournaments. The first is in early December. I'm old enough now that I know my strengths and weaknesses as a coach. The head coach Sean was open to having conversations about dividing up responsibilities. Feeling good that we go into the season having knowing what our roles will be.

Races on my TV this morning. It's the final weekend of the race season back in the states. My main man Brent Marks with another big win today. Will try to get over to the gym to watch the final games of the volleyball season for our kids. The girls have a good chance to win a championship after going a perfect 5-0 yesterday in round robin play. Debating a round of golf tomorrow morning. The cost is substantial enough that it's causing me to debate how much I can afford to spend there. I'm facing multiple months in a row next year when I get back to the states going without a paycheck. Not looking forward to that.

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Nov 04, 2023

Thought you'd like to know that MHS sports this fall were great. Volleyball, Girls soccer, boys & girls cross country ALL were District Champions. Volleyball & Soccer had to take down LC to do it. Exciting stuff.

Nov 05, 2023
Replying to

Shannon actually stepped down and is only helping. Angie Short is the new head coach.

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