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Poker night

Good times with the poker crew last night. Lots of chips flying around the table to different players.

Plan Saturday is to watch some Chili Bowl Nationals and relax on the couch all day. Was cool to see my favorite all time driver Daryn Pittman and go 6th to 1st in his heat race. Mad passing points will put him up front in his next race.

My next two weeks are going to be nuts with basketball heading towards a big finish. Two tournaments the next two weekends and a few games after school on the weekdays. The weekday games are just sort of thrown together at the last minute. The idea of having a schedule for those ahead of time isn't a thing. Kids have too many other commitments to be able to plan that far ahead. The focus here is all about the tournaments.

Weather was great today near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Went out and hit some golf balls. Made sure not to stress my body too hard and also checked the Air Quality Index (AQI). I'm starting to be convinced that the pollution played a role in my lung issue. I went back and checked the two days I got out recently to play a full round of golf. Those were two of the worst AQI days in the past month, and it's been pretty bad. Close to no wind or precipitation makes for a situation where the smog just hovers. It's on my list of questions for my doctors appointment next Tuesday.

Wuick chat with Moira on the phone tonight. Just glad to hear her voice. They are experiencing a crazy cold snap like the rest of the country. Wanted to make sure she could switch on the gas fireplace if the power went out.

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