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Poker Night & Tau Day

Good times last night at the poker table. Because it was Cinco de Mayo I bought a bottle of tequila. We made it a mandatory shot of tequila on rebuys. The bottle is nearly empty. Super fun night except for one hand. Had my pocket aces busted by KJ. Got it all in after a pre flop raise and a reraise. Happy I got my money in with the best hand. Of course he flopped two pair and it held up. Arrrrrrrrgh. Regarlesss, another fun night. It's become a regular game every other week. We had eight players tonight. These are the diehards that always seem to end the night after others bail. Jeremy, Zach, Paul, Kibble, and yours truly.

Watching the World of Outlaws at one of my favorite racetracks early this morning, Eldora. Went there with my buddy Tony a few years ago. Would love to go back again.

After I get cleaned up and moving I'm off to the school kitchen to make some apple taus. Excited to use my new apple-peeler-corer. I bought one back in the states and it worked well. Reminds me of making pies with Moira. Hope we do that again this summer.

Here was the before baking...

And after...

I'm finding the key to great crust is to underbake them. Nobody wants dry crunchy crust. It needs to have that perfect amount of smooshy moist (I see you Tony) and crisp exterior. It's an unattainable pursuit of perfection.

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😃Hope I was lucky enough to eat one piece of apple pie sometime

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