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Prepping for ACAMIS golf

Headed out to play a round today at Hangzhou Lake Hill Golf Club. I'll be joined by Ronan (grade 10) and Athena (grade 11). I believe Ronan and I play a similar game, but Athena I'm not so sure about. She misses a lot of school playing in tournaments all over China. The kids will be playing a scramble on their first day at the tournament. They will be paired up in groups with students from other schools. A very cool idea in my opinion. That's something I would advocate for back in the states. I'll probably suggest we scramble today, but I'll be flexible.

The weather down near Hong Kong looks perfect for the days we will be there.

I'm super excited for the trip. I get to see another part of a China and hang out with other golf enthusiasts for three days. I'll play two rounds there. Odd thing, they use the junior golf rules from the states. That means coaches and parents aren't allowed anywhere near the kids while they play. Can't communicate with them in any way. Not sure how far away we have to stay, but I believe there's a specified distance. I should drop Nicole or Matt Medcalf a note and ask them. Both their boys played many junior tournaments. I could be remembering this wrong, but I think the rules for parents had to be fairly strict due to some crazy helicopter parents. Might not matter for me. I think they have the coaches play in groups while the kids play so we don't get to watch them.

Arrived at the course to find Athena hitting balls on the range. Ronan joined us shortly after and we made our way to the first tee. Never hesitant I jumped on the tee box and smashed one onto the fairway. Ronan was a bit nervous. He hasn't played in any sort of tournament yet. ACAMIS will be his first. We scrambled our way to a par and birdied the par 5 second.

Athena has serious game. She has shot in the 60s. Her natural birdie on one of the par three holes was impressive. Her ability to read putts is outstanding. It was great to have fun today and get to know a bit about both Ronan and Athena. Athena's favorite course is in Hainan and she likes to go to the spa when not golfing or doing homework. Ronan is a bit of a sports nut. He plays basketball, futbol, and golf. Our scramble rules were four drives and four seconds each. Ronan needed a second on the last hole, but clutched up and hit a beautiful approach to put us in good position. We ended up with five birdies and four boagies to shoot a 71. All four boagies were from putting. The pins were in some very tough locations today.

Our caddies today we're very nice and helpful. Athena's caddie loved her gopher head cover. I was shocked that Athena was unaware of the movie Caddyshack. We will have to rectify that.

Ivy has expressed some interest in learning to hit a golf ball. When she gets back in two weeks we will hit a driving range and have some fun hitting balls. I've also got some friends in my apartment complex interested. Perhaps it will be a big group activity.

In other news, I found my favorite beer (Schöfferhoffer) on TaoBao. I paid about 240 RMB for 24 bottles. That's a little over $1 USD per bottle. I was able to stand on my back balcony and enjoy one in the afternoon sun. Just a shade shy of 70 degrees today. Much nicer than the snow back home. As

Nancy might say, suck it Bellimgham!

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