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Prepping for China Trips

It's been a hectic start to the week preparing to take the entire ninth grade on a road trip to a remote village in China called Liming. There have been many problems pop up one after the other. Students that suddenly aren't going. Students testing positive for Covid. Roommates changes for one reason after another. Paperwork and passport issues. Its been one headache after another. They pay me a bit extra to put out the fires one at a time. Its the responsibility of being the grade level leader. I keep having the same thought. And this too shall pass.

Adding to the chaos I haven't had a prep period in the past two days. Tomorrow will be a zoo too, but at least I can look forward to Thursday. No classes Thursday so I should have time to catch up.

We still have more than a month of school left, but it feels like we're nearing the end. After the trip to Yunnan I think it will go fast. Really looking forward to getting home this summer. So many people I want to connect with.

I might be complaining, but I'm also really excited for this trip. Should be a great experience and I'm loving the idea of getting away from the big cities and seeing a more remote part of a China.

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