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Race to the finish

Race? Feels like a crawl. All my tests are finished and graded. Comments and final marks are all in the computer. They are due in the system by Friday morning of this week, and we still have another week of school. Ugh.

In an International school there's a very different vibe compared to public school in the states. Here there's a sense of finality. For many of the teachers it means packing up and leaving and never returning. Last year it was 60% of the entire staff. This year is another 30%. That's nearly the entire staff in a two year period. However, that was largely due to the circumstances created by Covid. In the states it was only a select few that were retiring each year.

Today is Dragon Boat Day, a national holiday. No school so I elected to get another round of golf in early this morning. Started on the fifth hole and began okay, but played terrible on the back nine. 40-51 is seriously a tale of two nines. Didn't bother me at all. Smiled at the good ones and laughed at the bad ones. There was a lot of laughing today. I lost six balls. The snap hooks were the story of the day.

Today's caddie was Joon Joon. After nearly starting birdie-birdie I think her expectations were raised entirely too high. That was followed by two immediate doubles.

We ended up joining two other singles for the last five holes. I finished par-par-birdie-par-boagie. We had some long waits near the end. JJ caught me relaxing while I waited to hit my last iron into the green.

Today was a story of awful luck. I felt like I hit some great drives today that ended up in bad spots. Twice I hit monster drives dead straight that ended up going too far. Oh well, laying up is for wussies. Right, Steve?

In other news I've opted to accept some extra responsibility next week. We are taking the entire high school (minus the seniors) to a water park next Thursday. My admin team gathered the grade level leaders around a table and threw the idea at us. We were all into it so they looked at us and said, "Nice, have a great time". That was it. So I'm thinking, who is organizing this trip? Our admin as a group are terrible about delegating responsibility. They throw out ideas and expect them to materialize out of thin air all the time. who is doing all the prep work and organization? Oh, I am.

Parent permission form? Check. Transportation forms submitted and verified? Check. Sacked lunches ordered? Check. Morning games planned and organized by grade level teams? Check. Kahoot questions created and prepped? Check. Eleven advisors assigned to duties on the day? Check. The real story here? I didn't have to do any of this, but I hate being involved in a project that's chaotic and disorganized. I've got the extra time right now so I'm good with it. The other grade level leaders have a lot on their plates right now. My friend Tia (10th grade level leader) isn't in school this week due to having a procedure of some sort done at the hospital this week. My math neighbor Marcella is buried in the 11th grade science projects. All good in the hood with me carrying the load for this adventure.

Aiyun is coming down this weekend to visit me in Hangzhou after she sees her mom in Shanghai. We'll probably hit the local driving range for some beginner lessons in the golf swing. Host a poker game Friday night. Take a walk or two around Xianghu (lake near my school). It sounds like a weekend of "Let's do what David likes to do" and see if she is having fun. Wish me luck.

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