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Recovery! Day 3

Just following up the narrative of this week. Feeling continually better as the days roll along. Slept better last night. Classes went fine again today. Looking forward to the end of the week and the first poker game of the year tomorrow night.

I was able to schedule an appointment in the International department of my hospital next Tuesday. I'll get a chance to sit down with an English speaking doctor who will have had a chance to review my case. I don't mind that it's next week. It will give me a chance to assess how I'm feeling and make a list of specific questions.

Hard to get that scary feeling out of my head when I could hardly breath the other day. It's making me think seriously about my overall health. My weight is a problem. I consistently make poor eating choices. I've talked to Aiyun about it a lot. She's given me solid advice, and after only two days I can see myself making better choices. Temporary? Perhaps a lasting affect? Nothing like a visit from Mr. Grimm (he's here about the reaping **) to make you reconsider life choices.

** Note to Mike: it's a movie quote. Link

I think you'll like their take on heaven, but you'll have to watch the film to see that.

Last note of the day. The Seahawks have fired head coach Pete Carroll. I knew it would happen at some point. It's upsetting to me. Not because it means I think the team will lose more games without him. I could see them winning more because he's not there. It's upsetting because of what Pete represents. He genuinely cares about everyone around him, and I mean everyone. He stood on the podium and told the world that he was rooting for the man who just fired him, and he meant it. He took in every player and tried to help each of them become a better man. Not just a football player. A better man. Take the time to learn who you are, then be the best you you can be. We need more Pete Carrol's in this world. I look forward to seeing what 72 year old Pete will do next.

PS: I'll never eat salmon mousse as long as I live.

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