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Saturday with Aiyun

Up early and breakfast. We had some cleaning to do after a fun night. Did the dishes together and crashed on the couch a bit.

Sunny day with blue skies and I had a plan. Outside my window across the street I have this view...

The long greenhouses are full of fresh strawberries. You can pick your own or just buy some.

Of course we had to go get our own. We had two types to choose from. Milk or Red. We picked the milk. They were sweeter.

Good times. Dropped some off as a surprise for Marcela after cleaning up her dishes. Can't say thanks enough for the great meal she provided last night.

Plopped on the couch for a bit and finished folding some laundry. The plan for later is to head into town and do dinner and a movie. I haven't been in a movie theater here for about a year. No idea what's playing. Will have to do some searching online.

Search complete. Used a phone app to buy tickets to see Ridley Scott's new Napoleon film on an IMAX screen. We're both into historical films. Perfect. Amazing that the cost was 119 RMB for both tickets. That's just over $8 USD a ticket. Movie was great. We both enjoyed it. I love picking up history from films and then reading about which aspects were true. The relationship between Napoleon and his wife Josephine was fascinating. I'm guessing all their letters back and forth are available to read and formed a large part of the script for this film. Of note, the battle scenes were incredible.

Tons of taco leftovers so we opted to head back to the apartment for dinner. Not going to complain about that. Tacos should be any day, not just Tuesdays.

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