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Shanghai 2 - Bund by day

Got up and grabbed breakfast. Winging my day. Want to explore the bund area and might splurge for a different hotel right on the river if I feel the need to stay a second night. I've got no firm commitments Sunday so we shall see.

The old buildings along the Bund were constructed by the British over a hundred years ago. After they took this area over from the Chinese as part of the treaty that ended the Opium Wars they went crazy building downtown London on this side of the planet. There's over a mile of this and it's several blocks deep.

The most famous of these is this clock tower that was rises above the others. It's part of what was the old customs building when Shanghai was at its peak in foreign trade out of this area.

And on the immediate other side of the river when you turn around you see the famous radio tower and second tallest building on the planet. Didn't secure a ticket to go up in the tower. Maybe next time.

Spent most of my time here looking in super expensive shops and famous brand names like Gucci and Ralph Lauren. Not exactly my desired shopping experience. A good long walk by the river though. Also started to notice a higher percent of expats.

Final note. The experiment with shaving my head went south fast. It grows back. Like, too quickly. WTF? I have to keep shaving it down regularly? Dang. That's even more work than getting it cut.

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