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Show me your teeth kid

Exhaaaaaaale. Spent a good part of the day moving stuff around in my apartment as well as making a list of items I still need. Took a quick bike ride to the Guanshan neighborhood about a mile away. There’s several small grocery stores, fruit stands, and restaurants there. Fell asleep on the couch after watching Brent Marks win another sprint car race. My dude is crushing it this year.

Moira sent me a video trying to show me Arthur’s two teeth. See for yourself.

That’s super awesome cute and cool, but dang it tugs on the heart knowing I’m going to miss out on getting to hang with him. In the short time we were together it was pretty cool getting him to smile.

Went with a bus full of staff and kids to Song Town. It’s a theme park that commemorates the Song Dynasty here in the Hangzhou area. It was pouring down rain as we rode to the area but slowed a bit. The place was designed well for young children. Had a Disney feel to it.

We ended our night with an hour long show. Similar to a Vegas show. Had a lot of water features, song, dance, and some crazy flexible and strong women completing poses that hurt to watch. I swiped these pics from Jaime. He got one of the women doing mega flexible stuff that humans shouldn’t be able to do.

Up early tomorrow to circumnavigate West Lake with Axel. Yawwwwwn. I’m a tired puppy.

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