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Showing off

Up late playing poker last night. A good table with a fun crowd. Won just enough to pay my caddy fee today. Having the school cover my round from my wellness benefit made it feel like I was playing for free. Not bad.

Hit the links at 6:00am. Off the course in under a blazing three hours. Mostly played by myself, but joined two other players at points. Made some contacts and it feels like I might have found a couple more potential playing partners. The last three holes I joined a younger lady. I birdied two of the final three holes. Just showing off, baby. Showing off. I felt just like the Bandit.

Shot my best round so far in China. Carded an 80 with three birdies. Feels like I'm on the edge of a great round. Irons and short game have been much better lately. Game off the tee wasn't great, but mostly kept the ball in play. Started on the fourth hole. Here's my card today.

If I can avoid all the doubles I would easily be in the 70s. Mostly these were crappy play off the tee. Only two nonplayable tee shots, but got myself in a bit of trouble with the driver a few times. My caddy today was So. Like, that was his name. So, that's different. So so?

Anyway, we had a good time. That picture was moments before my first birdie on a par three. If I had planned it better I would have got the ball in the picture. It's just behind So's head. The other guy in the background was Miso. Nice guy, but we only played four holes together. His English was nonexistent, which reinforces just how bad my Chinese is.

In a taxi on the way home now. Should be crashed and on the couch watching some movies by 10:30. Serious nap potential after only getting about five hours of sleep last night.

Thinking a lot about being home soon. Really missing Moira. Just want to sit with her and share my thoughts and feelings. Want to listen and find out where she's at in her life. Work, marriage, motherhood. I've never been able to open up easily to anyone. I wonder how much she thinks it's on her when it's really on me that we haven't been able to share that much. Again, this is my fault, and I know she internalizes everything wondering what she's done wrong. I can't apologize enough P-nut. I'll keep trying to do better.

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Jun 11, 2023

When you going to grow the Burt Reynolds 'stache?


You're a good man, Mr. Shick. And not bad at golf either.

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Jun 22, 2023
Replying to

He is a good man... but he needs a better caddy... it's all about the caddy... at Old Works he had an exceptional caddy and was a true one over on eighteen... yep, that's me mr. humble! (or not).

Moira has a great dad!

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