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Sick! Day 2

I've got the weirdest symptoms. Nothing in the lungs this time around. Still a sore throat. Feeling tired and achy. Here's the odd sides really hurt. Like, my ribs ache. Not my lungs, my rib cage.

I sent up the Covid flare for my neighbors to see. My next door neighbor Paulo is here for me. He provided me with a thermometer (I'm currently at 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F). He also brought me a container with some form of tea in it. It has lemons and something else. I think maybe jujubes.

Daisy tells me she had similar symptoms so I'm feeling confident that I have exactly what she had. Only exception is no vouching or congestion yet for me. I expect it to develop.

I watched two college basketball games. Two college football games, and the season opening races at the Tulsa Shootout. I was hopeful to see something awesome out of defensive tackle Jalen Carter from Georgia. Most talking heads have him headed to the Seahawks in the NFL this coming spring. Whatever the kid has I didn't see it. He was close to a no show. One quick swim move on a pass rush and he was dominated the rest of the game. Maybe he's injured? I'll get another look at him next week in the title game.

Took my first Covid test. Still totally negative. I had considered waiting, but I have four of them to use.

I haven't hardly eaten anything today, just tons of hot water and tea. Of course that means I'm headed to the bathroom to piss out clear liquid all day. Ugh.

Checked my temperature through the day. Got up to 38.5 (101.3) at one point. Came back down and I'm doing okay as I get ready to crash. Wondering if/when the whole coughing and congestion thing will start. As I head to bed I'm feeling fine. This has been a weird couple of days.

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I have had this happen twice this year: getting sick when I have a break. It's like the body is hanging on until I can let go and then the sickness hits. Bummer but, as Durk said, better now than while school is in session. Hang in there, sending healing vibes!


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
02 de jan. de 2023

Give your body time to heal itself... I've been fighting a bug for 3 weeks... some days are better than others... today was a good day.

On the brighter side of things... at least you don't have school to contend with. Get well, tons of positive vibes being sent your way.

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