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Sick? Day 3

This is so weird. I woke up this morning with a bit of a chill. Dropped some ibuprofen and headed to the couch to watch some football. Physically I feel pretty good. The ache in my ribs seems to sort of come and go. Feeling good at the moment.

The Kushners brought me some ginger tea this morning. Wow. That's powerful stuff. Felt great on my throat. Matt teaches math in the classroom next to me. His wife Justine teaches middle school science. Both have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome here at HIS. I'm hoping to get together with them and their son Luke to bake some apple pies later during this break. Luke was pretty excited at the idea. I think he's seven years old.

Watching the NFL can be awfully frustrating at times. The Seahawks beat the crap out of the Jets on the scoreboard, but if Seattle had faced a competent NFL quarterback they might have been thrashed. It's got to be tough being a Jets fan right now. Their defense is legitimate. Well, the Jets need more than just a quarterback, they also need a pair of offense tackles. Poor Mike White got thrown to the wolves against Seattle. However, in my opinion this was a bad defense beating on a worse offense. The Seahawk defense needs a lot of help. Beating on a worse offense doesn't show that. So what's the problem? Beating on a bad team is lame. I would like them to have a chance to beat a good team. They aren't there right now. Calling it now, a healthy Cam Akers puts well over 100 yards on this Seattle defense next week in Seattle, but I have little faith in Baker Mayfield to not lose the game.

Speaking of the NFL. The league is going to have a tough decision to make today. They purposefully don't announce the start times for the games in the final week of the season so that they can set up games that affect each other at the same times. However, they save one game for the final prime time slot that will draw a bigger audience. Seattle finds themselves in an awkward position. If they win they need Detroit to beat Green Bay to make the playoffs. However, if Seattle wins Detroit is done and can't make the playoffs. The NFL is going to want to put the DET-GB game in the prime time slot. It could be Aaron Rodgers last game at Lambeau Field and if Seattle loses it becomes a playoff game by default as the winner gets into the playoffs. But if Seattle wins Detroit knows they're out and has no motivation other than pride. Which way will the NFL lean? Competitive balance or market share?

Up early Tuesday morning and I feel a tightness in the lungs for the first time. Sore throat is still there, otherwise feel okay. Will update tomorrow.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Jan 04, 2023

I try not to overthink the NFL... I blindly follow the Hawks and because of obvious reasons dislike anything to do with the Steelers and don't even get me started on "Mericas" team 🤢 then there is TB12 (could the guy just retire already), oh but wait there is more Patriots and Bill -- he's an amazing coach but go away already. Kath will confirm this that I called the Bills prior to the first snap of the season... and in light of recent events I want them even more so... Also, Chris Berman is a huge fan and has had nothing to cheer about for so long and on top of that the four straight Super Bowl appearances and…


Jan 03, 2023

My prediction is that the NFL will take the refs aside and quietly let them know that their future prospects rest on Seattle losing. 😀

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