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Sick?? Day 4

Why the ?? I keep having moments where I think I'm fine and not sick at all. That's super frustrating. I'm stuck here in my apartment on the couch in front of the TV watching movies. Is it paranoia? Do I have something going on in my lungs? WTFFFFFF? Two Covid tests in the books. Negative both times.

Other than sports I feel like I don't watch TV. I watch film. I remember seeing a poster on a wall once that summed up my TV thoughts well. "Theater is life. Film is art. Television is an appliance." I don't even like watching news on TV. I prefer to read my news.

I would like to get up and go outside. I would prefer to be on a golf course. But if stuck inside alone I'm okay watching a series of films while laying on the couch. Yesterday I watched all four Tom Holland Spiderman films. There are really only three of them, but they introduced his character in the Avengers: Civil War movie. None of them were great art. I was mildly entertained. Meh. Today I'm moving onto the Peter Jackson's epic series of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Which to watch first? I guess I prefer to watch them in timeline fashion. I'll watch The Hobbit series first. I would do the same with all the Star Wars films starting with Phantom Menace. For what it's worth, I loved all the Star Wars prequel films. They weren't as good as Empire Strikes Back, but what films are?

I feel like I could write a book on my favorite film. But first, what makes a great film? It's the combination of compelling story with visual and auditory beauty. Further, a great film runs you through a cycle of emotions. It makes me curious. It makes me admire. It makes me fear. It makes me hope. It makes me appreciate. It makes me love. Great films make me question who I am and who I want to be.

I think today I'll watch Monday Night Football and then hit play on The Hobbit. Tomorrow I'll write about my favorite film and director. Or Not. That poor kid on the Buffalo defense ended up in the hospital. It looked scary. So much so that you could see it on the players faces on the field. They didn't know if the kid was still alive. They weren't playing that game, and I don't blame them. I don't think anyone was trying to force the situation and make them play. It was an awkward situation as there were assumptions being made about continuing. I would be willing to grant a fair amount of grace and not judge officials in this situation. However, my Seahawks got screwed by the NFL this week I not having the DET-GB game play simultaneously. If Seattle wins their game they still need a Detroit win to make the playoffs. A Seattle win in an earlier removes some Detroit motivation. This is exactly why the NFL doesn't announce start times for the final week. Objectivity is officially gone. The NFL doesn't have a problem letting it be known that Green Bay is more important than Seattle.

In other news I keep investigating places to travel during my break. My current location fascination is Singapore. I'm feeling the need to golf somewhere exotic. If I feel as good tomorrow as I do today I'll likely buy a package deal to get me there the following week. It's looking like I can fly out on a Monday and come back later in the week for a lower price. Singapore has a ton of golf courses as well. Not cheap, but I think I can afford the cost.

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