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Sick?? F That. I’m outta here

Okay. I'm not sick. I had some form of flu, but I'm fine now. I need to travel and I need to golf. I spent a long time last night researching the crap out of where to go and when to do it. I'm headed to Singapore. Leaving Monday evening and checking into a nice hotel on Tuesday in Singapore. Staying four nights. Booked tee times for Wednesday and Thursday at the same course joining a threesome. If you've seen the film Crazy Rich Asians, yeah, that place. The famous three part building in Singapore is to the left in this photo. It's called the Marina Bay Sands.

For some reason I was able to find cheaper flights to Singapore than Thailand or the Phillipines. Nearly half the cost. All the locations had terrible departure times and layovers. I was going to have to fly overnight regardless of where I went. I tried to package stuff using a website, but none of them seemed to work. Maybe because of my VPN. Not certain why, so I ended up booking everything separately. Took a bit more time, but got it done.

The Hotel? Studio M Hotel Singapore. Nice place. I reserved a premier loft. It's a lot nicer than necessary for me. I figured why not? I'm not doing this sort of thing often so I'm splurging and doing this trip fancy schmancy.

The golf course? Marina Bay. I spent a lot more time researching the golf courses than I did the hotel. Not a shocker there. It's a links style course and every review I read said this was the "must play" course in Singapore. I wanted to play the same course twice as opposed to two different courses. So, Marina Bay golf, just like Marina Bay Sands? Yep. The course has spectacular views of the Singapore skyline. Also, there's something very different about one of the rounds I plan to play. I'm going to keep it a secret for now. Hoping for a very cool different experience.

I had hoped to travel with Daisy, but that isn't happening now. I've only ever been on a solo vacation once before, and I have to admit that was awesome. I got to spend two days in Washington DC alone doing whatever I wanted at any given moment. I'm super excited about having a similar experience. If you read my blog daily I'm sure you're asking "what's up with Daisy?" We're going to take a step back for a bit and evaluate what we want. We're being honest with each other and our priorities might not line up well enough to keep seeing each other. If we go our separate ways I feel confident that it will be done with mutual respect.

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