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Signing Day

Our star golfer Athena signed her letter of intent to play NCAA division 1 golf for the University of Washington this week. Super excited for her.

I'm a bit bummed I won't be able to go to the ACAMIS tournament with her, but hope we can share a couple rounds of golf before the end of the school year. Would be fun to play a round this coming summer in Washington too. I get home in June. Athena tells me she expects to arrive in Seattle in July.

Mom update: With some luck there's a chance that everything will fall into place for her in the next few weeks. She has an assessment from a nurse this coming Saturday. The current plan is to have her move into an adult family home after the assessment. Moira will have two of my friends Mike and Tony to help with the move. I'm struggling with not being there. I'm estimating that she will have close to the exact amount needed to pay two months (first and last) before she sits at $0. If we can get a Medicaid financial meeting soon it might just work out perfectly.

Weather has become ugly again after a week of more pleasant temperatures. Rain and near freezing temperatures. It will likely last a week or two before real spring weather shows up here in Hangzhou.

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