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Singapore Day 2

After my first round of golf I took a shower and crashed. I ended up napping for about an hour and a half. I'm not much of a napper, but I certainly appreciate one after it happens. The humidity and heat just sucked the energy out of me. Plan this afternoon is to find an ATM, attempt to get some cash, and then walk about a mile to the nearest Hawker food center. This particular one is part of the Singapore Chinatown.

I figured that I would run into an ATM along the way heading to the Chinatown hawker area. I figured wrong. I didn't find one until I actual arrived and roamed a bit. Chinatown is comprised of an area of about 20 city blocks here. Three very long streets that run parallel to each other.

I have a particular way of ordering food in a restaurant. I tend not to look at menus. I generally ask the wait staff what they like best and then I'll have that. I get a variety of items and they tend to be good. It's my way of being an adventurous eater. As long as it's not too spicy, I'm up for about anything. This plan wasn't going to work today with the tiny hawker joints. After I entered the area I immediately understood how this works. Each hawker stand is a tiny cubicle of about 25 square feet. They serve it up and there are tables in the common spaces to eat.

There was quite literally a maze of these areas and too many hawkers to count. I knew I was looking for something basic. I was craving something easy like chicken and rice. And then I ran into this little place. Yes, those chickens still have their heads and are staring out at us. I was in when I saw "Hainan". That was the other place I considered going. It's a Chinese Island on the south side of the country.

The gal working this unit made me up a plate and charged me a whole $4 SNG (less than $3 USD). I think I startled her when I said Ni Hoa and Xie Xie (Hi and thank you).

I had to hit another hawker stand for a beverage. The canned lemon and honey beverage was so good I grabbed another on my way out. The chicken was super MOIST and tender. It had a lemon tinge to it that was great. The small bowl of liquid was chicken broth (I think). Underneath the chicken there was a small layer of crisp cucumbers. It was excellent overall.

I considered heading back out into one of the streets to surf the shops for a particular item. I would like to find a Chinese New Year hanging ornament, but I opted not go there for two reasons. One, my back is starting to scream at me and I don't want to continue to make it worse. Two, I don't want to have to pack it home when I know I can find the same item back in Hangzhou after I return. Speaking of a return. I got a text message letting me know I have to have a negative Covid test to return to China. I didn't need to have one to enter Singapore, but China is asking for one and they're literally riddled with Covid now. Go figure.

As I'm making my way back to the hotel I ran across one of these places.

Not sure why, but the fruit here in Asia is simply better. I'm hooked. I bought some grapes and satsumas. A gal I dated a few years ago called fruit stands "adult candy stores". I'm finding this is a much better way to take care of my sweet tooth problem.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow morning. I'm sure it will depend on how my back feels. I've got a 4:30pm tee time. What?!???! Why so late? You'll see...

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4 commenti

The teasing about the golf round is cruel! I'm guessing that it must be some sort of night golf, not sure when it is getting dark there. Excited to hear about it, whatever it is!

Mi piace

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
12 gen 2023

In all my time in a kitchen... ok, chef, there was always this thing... "all of one color on the plate is a VERY bad thing" I saw rice (white), chicken (white), broth (white), beverage and I'm assuming that lemon honey is basically the same color as lemonade (white)... so you had a pretty darn white meal... if I would have put that on a plate I would be forced to walk out the back door of the kitchen into the alley and get mugged on the way out.

BUT and yes that is a big BUT you actually used the word MOIST!!!! I am so proud of you! you had to travel half way around the planet before y…

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David Shick!
David Shick!
12 gen 2023
Risposta a

Glad to hear your garage is coming together well. Can’t wait to see the crib board you’re going to make for me. Moist, yes, bolded on purpose.

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