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Singapore Day 3

It's official, I've tweaked my lower back and I'm hobbling around a bit. Surprisingly I had a really solid eight hours of sleep. I've started using the Health app on my phone to track my sleep. I believe notifications have been waking me up at night. Enough of that. I'm going to go find a breakfast and watch some racing while resting my body so I can manage a second round of golf tonight. I've got all day tomorrow to explore more of Singapore.

I had breakfast at the large buffet at my hotel. Sat with an elderly couple from New Jersey, Demi and Fernando. One son. Two grandchildren. They both lit up when telling me about their teenage grandchildren. They are taking a cruise out of Singapore. They vacation every winter here as it's their favorite spot to find warmth. They're both from the Philippines originally, but have lived in Jersey for fifty years. The conversation reinforced to me that I'm missing out on hanging out with my grandson, Arthur. Looking forward to that this coming summer when I return home.

The golf course I'm headed back to tonight is measured in meters. Here's the scorecard as requested by Steve.

You have to add 10% to the numbers to change them into yards. That means the par six number four is about 678 yards. Total yardage from the blue tees was about 6700 yards. That's a longer course for me. I had several solid drives yesterday where I was hitting long irons trying to get to greens.

I'm currently laying in bed on my side with my knees pulled up and a pillow between my legs. It's the best way I can take stress off my lower back and allow it to rest. I might mess it up way worse playing golf again tonight, but it's the price I'm willing to pay. I'm watching the Chili Bowl in Tulsa Oklahoma live over the InterGoogle. It's the second week of racing inside the Tulsa Expo Center. It's an indoor facility. Week one is called The Shootout where they race several smaller micro classes. Week two is the Chili Bowl where they race exclusively midgets. One of the announcers is our local guy Kaleb Hart. He does all the announcing at Skagit and Deming speedways. Both weeks I've sent him a #TweetYourFloSeat via Twitter and he's given me a shoutout on the live broadcast. I can't imagine there's many people on the other side of the planet watching live dirt racing in middle America. This particular event (Chili Bowl) brings together drivers from all sorts of racing fields because there's no other racing going on in the country. It's a a fun five day winter time for race car drivers. Definite destination event for me some year.

Second round of golf complete. Super tough course for me. Trouble all over the place off the tee. Lost several balls, but it was super fun. Here's the bunker shape that I hinted at yesterday.

I found my way into one again today, but just picked my ball up and threw it into the fairway. If you look closely you might see something a bit odd. Those are light standards just behind the bunker. What?!? Yes, this is going to turn into NIGHT GOLF. The entire course it lit up with giant halcyon lights. Night golf, baby. So cool, well, we shall see.

Played with a gentleman named Lawrence. Hmm. Odd coincidence? Guess with a name like that he should be cool. He's from Singapore and works in the golf industry. We got off to a sketchy start as he wasn't happy that we were jumping in front of the 4:20 tee time. They weren't ready at their slot so the starter let us go. I don't think my regular Lawrence playing partner would have objected.

The other couple were Stephen and Jennifer. He's from Scotland but has lived here in Singapore for fifteen years. Jennifer is a Singapore lifer just like Lawrence.

We did have some nice sunny weather today. Elmo was happy it wasn't so cloudy.

You can see here the sun was dropping and the twilight time was the hardest to play in. The lights didn't have the effect they would have a bit later.

After a few holes my lower back was feeling great. I destroyed my driver hole after hole, but my irons were crap. I didn't bother keeping score, Just counted pars. I only had five pars through fifteen holes, but the course finishes par five, short four, par five. I'm missed a short putt on sixteen and took a par. My short game failed my badly on seventeen, but I birdied eighteen to walk away a champion! Champion of what? I don't care. It was a cool finish to a fun round. Every tee shot had a light set up directly behind the box shining down the fairway. It made it easy to follow the tee shots off the tee. It didn't get really "dark" until we on hole twelve, but when the sun dropped it happened fast. Here's some random pics from the round.

I was hoping to get a golf shirt with the Marina Batbligo in it, but not a shocker that they didn't have any large enough. That's been true everywhere for me in Asia so far. Didn't even get a ball marker with their logo. Bummer. I've had the same problem at Riverside in Hangzhou. I'll definitely get something from there with their logo. Maybe a towel. We shall see.

Looking forward to getting my eight hours of sleep again. This app that puts my phone out of commission is pretty cool. I need to get a Covid test early tomorrow in Chinatown so that I can fly back to a China Saturday. No idea what I'll do if I test positive. Let's not jump off that bridge until we have to. After my test I plan to hit the botanical gardens near The Marina Bay Sands.

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