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Singapore Prep

I'm notorious for being a last minute packer. I won't need to be at the Hangzhou airport until around 5:00pm on Monday. I'm sure I'll get there plenty early. I've got all day Monday morning and afternoon to pack bags and figure out what I need to take with me. I'm imaging my golf clubs in a hard case and a carryon bag of some sort. Maybe just a backpack.

I'll have room in my golf case to pack clothes and such. As long as I have to check a bag (golf clubs) I figure the less I have to carry around the better. Actually, I'm thinking I could put all my clothes in the side pockets of the golf bag.

I got a text message letting me know I have to submit a digital form within three days before arrival. No need for a Covid test, but I do have to supply proof of vaccination. Those without vaccinations and boosters have to quarantine for a week in Singapore. Singapore has reputation for being hard on drugs and other illegal activity. I noticed this little nugget in the form...

Apparently it's no joke. If they catch you trying to bring drugs into their country they may kill you. Singapore has a history of having one of the highest execution rates per capita, but that has changed in recent years. The number of executions has dropped quite a bit (Wikipedia). This noted, I don't think I would want to test them. Their choice of method there is hanging. Long drop and a sudden stop.

There is one odd thing that's a problem for me. Gum is illegal there. Like, not just frowned upon, but one hundred percent fully against the law. I generally go nuts with gum in airplanes to help my ears adjust to the change in air pressure. I don't think it will be a problem on the two flights going, but I don't think I'll even attempt to take gum into Singapore. Just enough for one day of travel. Maybe I'll be able to find some in the airport leaving Singapore?

Temperatures got up into the sixties today here in Hangzhou. I hopped on my bike and went for a ride in the early afternoon. Logged about twelve miles and stopped at a couple stores. I hit my favorite fruit store near the old campus for some grapes, and then the WuMart for some random junk food. First long ride in more than a month. Looks like we will have one more cold snap here in January and then I expect the temperatures to head up in February. I'm sure I'll try to wrangle up a group of golfers from here at school to get a round in together.

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