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Some notes to my readers

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

First off, I have way way way more readers than I thought I would going into this adventure. I’m honored that my keyboard pounding is worthy of your time and attention. Seriously. Thank you for hanging with me. Knowing that I have a backing out there gives me strength. It reinforces that what I’m doing is an interesting adventure.

Some specific notes to readers:

Paige: I aspire to be as cool as you. A goal I know I can never reach.

Andy D: I bought the Rape of Nanking. What can I say but Holy F&$@. I had no idea it was that bad, and it started in 1931. That’s a fourteen year period to the end of WW2. I can’t imagine what older Chinese generations that are still kicking think of the Japanese.

Marie S: I think of you often and know you have questions about me living in a communist country. The people here don’t have the same sort of belief systems as we see in the states, but I see kindness, joy, and generosity here daily. I have love and respect for you and wanted to say thanks for keeping tabs on me.

Beer5: Thanks for the suggestion on the bike shorts. They arrived today. I bought two types. Underwear with the extra padding and baggier shorts that aren’t butt huggers, but apparently are designed to move with you while wicking sweat away. Perhaps the combination of the two will make my ass thank you? I’ll report back.

Steve: I’m so thrilled you shot a subpar round, but bummed I missed out on cheering for you in the moment. I’m hoping in a couple of weeks I’ll spend a Saturday getting to a driving range and lining up a round at a course. It might be another month, but I’m swamped with school right now feeling a bit overwhelmed starting from scratch. Also, I think you would love what I’m learning about the IB approach to grading. It’s got some interesting approaches to authentic feedback versus a letter grade. Throw in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) aspect and I know you would be very interested.

Durk, Brian, and Tony: My cribbage board and playing cards arrived today. I threw out some WeChat feelers and got several responses. I’ll let you know when I finally get in a game. Its been too long since I put a double skunk on someone. :Ouch:

Marni: Wishing you the best as you start a new adventure too. Big bro is sending you a hug.

Dave, Calvin, Ed, and Collin: Starting over is a scary and even surreal experience. Is this really happening? Being able to think “I don’t have to do anything to be ready for school tomorrow” is gone. It’s a blank slate that’s forcing me to look for new activities and resources. Sure, I’ll lean on some old ideas. I did bring a hard drive full of everything I’ve ever created with me from the last three decades, but damn. Just, damn. On a positive note my new department consists of four other teachers that stretches down to 6th grade. Proximity makes a big difference. They don’t utilize a series of books as much as we do. They tend to bounce around making sure they’re hitting all the common core objectives.

Hi Gabby!

Moira: I’m really missing you, Kaleb, Arthur, mom, and McGruder. The few short weeks we lived in the same house together before I headed out were special to me. I’m using my phone a lot to take pictures and I keep stopping on the same couple of snapshots that make me smile. Thanks for sending me the videos. This pic seems to be my favorite.

Weather looking bad tomorrow, but it’s finally cooling off. Would like to get in a long bike ride. We’ll see.

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1 Comment

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 29, 2022

On the teaching side of things... you got this-you sir are an amazing teacher with a heart for kids-damn I just wish to hell that I would have had you as a math teacher when I was in high school-if that had been the case I most likely wouldn't struggle with "shick math" I got the arithmetic thing down but damn... all the other stuff not so much.

On the crib side of things... "double skunk?!" really you had to mention that... ouch! That one left a mark... :) Hope you find a crib game to stay sharp. The woodshop "aka garage" is coming along--cnc isn't up yet-ran into a bit of a snag... roadtrip to the midwest in a…

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