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Spokane golf trip Day 1

Up and out the door at 7:00am. Tony picked up me, Steve, and Brian. Glad he was willing to drive again. Spokane is about six hours driving each way. A long trip.

We got to Moses Lake and had lunch at the same place we did last year. Played 18 holes at The Links at Moses Pointe. Tony and I took down Brian and Steve in a form of a 6-6-6 tourney. We played six holes of Chapman, then six holes of best ball, and finished with six holes of scramble. Lots of highlights on the day. Steve hit a stupid long putt on the par three 12th hole. It's the same hole last year that he chipped in from about 50 yards. Steve and I both birdied the same back to back holes during the best ball portion. Both teams also birdied the final hole in dramatic fashion. Each was nearly an eagle. Good times and we all feel good that we played a team game instead of just playing individually.

It took us another hour and a half to drive into Spokane. Consensus was to hit a distillery called Dry Fly in town for a tasting. We ended up staying there to eat dinner before heading to the airBnB that we rented.

A fun day. Looking forward to three more days of golf. Good times.

Final note. My neck and right shoulder are still shaky. Pain would indicate that I might have a blown disk pressing on my spine just like I had ten years ago leading to a spinal fusion. I'll give it a month or two before I act on it. It didn't affect my golf game too much. My driver was dialed in again and it was nice to stand over the ball with some confidence.

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