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Spokane golf trip Day 2

I crashed hard last night. Nearly nine hours of sleep. That's unusually high for me. I grabbed just under three the previous night. Catching up I guess. I assume like most people when they wake I grabbed my phone and sorted through messages and emails and saw this gem from Durk.

Alex Lewis won the feature race last night at Deming! So awesome! He and his brother Terry are former students that drive sprint cars. Genuinely nice kids from a nice family. I coached their older sister in basketball 23 years ago. Immediately sent him a congrats note and I'm excited to hear back on the race details.

We hit a restaurant called Chaps for breakfast today. My buddy Dug from Spokane joined us. We'll go to his house tomorrow night after golf for dinner.

Our golf course today was Hangman Valley. It's been renamed Lateh Creek due to the white-guilt associated with why it was called Hamgman Valley. It's the location where a bunch of white folk hung some native Americans with no trial. The renaming was controversial because the white folks that did the renaming didn't bother to ask the local tribe their opinion. The native Americans preferred they kept the old name in remembrance of why it was called Hamgman Valley. However, elected officials did put up a large educational plaque describing what happened in that location.

Brian and I got destroyed today by Steve and Tony playing the same format as yesterday. They played well. We played like crap. Highlight of the day was Steve draining another long putt to crush our chances. Highlight for me was making a par five in two. Sometimes it pays to hit the long ball. It can make up for a terrible short game. Nearly made an eagle putt. Tap in birdies are nice.

We finished our night with dinner at a restaurant called Steelhead and then a bar called Purgatory. I hit the jackpot with dinner relying on an ordering startegy I've been using for a long time. I like to have waiters tell me their favorite thing on the menu and bring me that. I get a variety of meals and it's been a successul strategy. Tonight it was an andouille sausage mixed into a mac and cheese that had a bit of a spicy kick to it. So good...

Looking forward to Indian Canyon tomorrow and a chance at golf redemption. Steve is playing really well right now and it will be tough for anyone of us to keep up with him. Regardless of scores it a pleasure to play golf with my friends. Great to see them hit some great shots and just enjoy the time together.

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Aug 09, 2023

Great guys trip!

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