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Spokane golf trip day 4: The voyage home

Are you a Trekkie? Do you get it? Steve didn't get it. For most Trekkies the fourth movie with the original Star Trek cast was their favorite. The subtitle for this movie was "The voyage home". He's not a Trekkie, but Steve is a very good golfer. He took us down today on the 18th hole to break a tie score. What's cool is that he's a better person. He lives to inspire kindness and positive attitudes in other people. I really appreciate this about him. The course today was Apple Tree in Yakima. Great views and a pretty course.

They're known for their island green in the shape of a big apple. Yeah, I put my tee shot to about 10 feet. Yeah, I missed the putt.

Big high five to Tony sharing this picture of Steve and I walking over the bridge to the island green.

Tony is my barrel of monkeys friend. He's fun, outgoing, and gregarious. Often things I am not. I decided to give him a chance to shine in a video at the course today. It was right in front of a big waterfall. How did he do?

No comment. Or, go back and turn on the audio for my commentary.

Brian is my oldest friend. We had rooms on opposite sides of a hallway in the fall of 1987 at Peninsula College. My first words to

him were "nice stereo". He closed his door and told a dude "I'm going to hate that kid". We've laughed and traveled a lot together. Our Spokane trip has become a yearly highlight that I always look forward to. I love getting random movie quotes in texts from him so I can guess at what he's watching. I'm your huckleberry.

Going to miss these guys over the next 10 months, but I get to look forward to taking this same trip next year. I get to get beat by Steve in golf. I get to be mocked by Brian. I get to be harassed by Tony. We all show love in different ways. I love all three of them and I'm fortunate to have them as friends.

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1 Comment

Aug 09, 2023

Most any other shot would have been a better video than this one! LOL

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