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Still no word

Up early to start my usual process of making phone calls back to the states. Call one was to check in with mom's bedside nurse. That went well. Behavior has been fine in the hospital the last few days. Only one attempt to leave the floor where she's living at the moment. Her nurse said they were able to redirect her without a physical challenge. That was good news.

Another call to her current care manager. Another new one is working today. We're up to ten now. Today was Denise. She tells me mom had been declined by Stafholt in Blaine. No word on Highgate yet in Bellingham. When talking to her bedside nurse earlier she let me know this process can take a while. How long? She said weeks. It's not a new thing and it's something she's seen happen many times.

A third call to try and contact the disabled veterans charity that mom was donating to on a monthly basis. I was able to stop payment by disabling her credit card, but I still wanted to let them know that we needed to stop the monthly donation. I wasn't able to get through to them. The number I have is coming back as disconnected each time I try. Weird, because a week ago I was just getting a message to call back during normal business hours. No idea, but it's another task that won't sit well with me because it feels like a box I can't check off yet. **

A fourth call to Alejandra, mom's assigned financial worker with DSHS. This is my contact to try and resolve any questions while on the path to being made eligible for Medicaid. I got an email from her last week asking for bank statements that explain her balance changes that were flagged for explanation. Odd thing, these flags were generated from looking at the actual bank statements. Huh? Yeah, I responded to the email, but haven't heard back yet. I can tell these flags were generated by a computer. The flags were all related to bank transfers from one account to another or each month that mom fell behind on her account balance. She was paying her assisted living facility more than her income as part of her "spend down" while living there. These should be easily understood by anyone that just takes a few minutes to actually look at the statements. That might be asking a lot. We shall see.

In local news Xiao Xie (my ayi) prepared food for me again yesterday while I was at work. Cumin beef fried rice and dried bamboo shoots. Not bad.

Shower, shave, and off to work. Not sure what I'll do after work tonight. Would love to stay in my recent routine of hitting another 100 golf balls, but not sure I'll have access to the field again tonight. My confidence is soaring while standing over the golf ball recently with an iron in my hands. Staying behind the ball and keeping focus on a single dimple on the back of the ball is making a big difference.

** Figured out the problem with calling the charlty. It was a toll free number, but had to use my USA phone to call it. Apparently they don't want phone calls from China. Go figure. Anyway, got that box checked off. All good there.

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