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Having a tough time focusing on anything other than my mother's situation. The last two phone calls have been troubling. Feeling like I'm in a holding pattern. Waiting to hear back from a facility in Lynden. Just turned in the Medicaid paperwork. More waiting.

Played a round of screen golf last night. Pebble beach. Always sort of cool to play holes that we only see on TV. A bit of an odd scorecard.

Yeah, I was +12 on three holes, and only +2 on the other 15 holes. Ewwww.

Basketball season is over so I've got a lot more time to myself after school now. Today was a Mandarin lesson focused on Chinese New Year. Need to practice my lines for when I meet Aiyun's family in two weeks for dinner. I'm learning a lot more about Chinese New Year recently. It's sort of Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one holiday here.

Some tidbits about Chinese New Year:

  • February 10th is the first day of the new year on their traditional calendar this year.

  • February 9th is the big party day. The traditional thing to do is meet with the paternal family, have dinner, and then watch the Chun Wan on TV from 8:00pm to midnight. I'm told it's the most popular show in the entire year on TV. Sort of like their Super Bowl. It's a shared experience across the entire country. After the TV show the country that invented fireworks goes nuts with fire in the sky.

  • February 10th is the maternal family night for dinner and such. However, many families get together when they can during the following week. Nobody works this week. It's like the week between Christmas and New Years in the states. I'll be having dinner with Aiyun's family on the 13th.

  • They don't do gifts like we see at Christmas, the Hong Bao is the thing. It's money in a red envelope. It's given to children under the age of 18 and employees. Kids with wealthier families rake in the cash. I'll give my ayi (maid) a Hong Bao next week. Amounts can vary, but the money in the envelope should be clean crisp bills.

  • I'm working to memorize my two lines in Mandarin for the new year "Xian Nian Kuai Le" means Happy New Year. "Gong Xi Fa Cai" means Hope you get rich. Not kidding. That's their jam here.

  • This coming year is year of the Dragon. See ya later Rabbit. Dragon time. I was told today that means it's baby making season. Having a dragon baby is desirable. Also Pig babies are quite popular.

Poker night tomorrow with the gang. Looks to be a very rainy weekend here, so perhaps another round of screen golf.

Thanks again to all the friends sending me notes concerned about my mom. Feels nice to know we have some support out there in the world.

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