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Tacoma vs. Oak Harbor?

Bellingham is officially off the table for my mom. We were unable to locate a memory care facility that would accept her. If she can't be in Bellingham our next preference is in Tacoma. Her two sisters Wendy and Billy live there and visits from them are high on her priority list. We are waiting to hear back from a memory care facility called The Cottages at Edgewood. The current plan is a teleconference with both mom and me. We'll see. Nothing concrete yet. They need to go through her clinical paperwork first.

Some potential good news. We have a location in Oak Harbor that would love to have her live there. I spoke with the Administrator from Welcome Home Senior Memory Care that visited mom today and it went well. They sat and sang some songs together when they first met. It sounds like it was a great first visit. She said mom was delightful and would love to accept her even with her financial limitations. I promised to get back to her tomorrow after hearing about the potential Tacoma placement.

A high point of my past two weeks has been my Ayi Xiao Xie cooking for me Mondays and Wednesdays. Today was chicken curry, rice, and homemade sausage.

The curry was awesome. The sausage was great too. Only problem is the volume of food she leaves for me. Waaaay too much. I need to portion better.

Aiyun will be here this coming weekend. Looking forward to that. We've got a dinner planned for Sunday night with friends. Not sure where to go yet. Planning on asking my superintendent for a suggestion tomorrow. He's a worldly guy and knows his Hangzhou restaurants. Play some cribbage. Hit some golf balls. Take a long walk. Watch some movies. Super cool that we have fun no matter what we seem to do together.

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