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Take it all off baby

Off my head that is. I'm sick of having hair when it's obvious that it's getting thin. The bald spot is going to be coming in strong in the near future. When I see pictures of myself and you can see the top of my head it bothers me. Solution? Chop it all off. Result?

Streamlined. Smoother. Combine that with some red shoes and now I'm superfly fast. Yep.

Had another Chinese lesson today with Paul. They've been going well. I'm studying a bit and it's making a difference. I'm getting much better about seeing the Chinese characters for numbers and I'm remembering what they are. Yeah me.

Swung by Powerlong Mall today to find some dish towels. Still seeing about half the people walking around wearing masks.

Yesterday ended basketball season. I had a bad moment during a game. I thought an opposing coach was trying to pull a fast one on the refs. What I didn't know was that the rules are different from the states in this situation. When I confronted the opposing coach after the game he agreed with me on the rule. It was replacing a free throw shooter after a foul where the player was unable to shoot for themselves. The FIBA (international) rule is different. In the states an opposing coach picks a new shooter from the four on the court. FIBA allows a coach to pick from his own bench. Neither of us knew this. I'm just the third guy at the end of the bench, but neither of the two coaches on our team was sure what the rule was. I was certain I knew the rule. Sure, sure I did.

Fortunately the refs did know the correct FIBA rule. The problem wasn't the rule. The problem was I got mad in the moment. I was totally cooled off in a just a few moments, but it still wasn't cool. I think the thing that really pissed me off was I could tell the opposing coach thought he was pulling a fast one and thought it was funny. The dude had already been given a technical earlier in the game. Oh well, done and past. Lesson learned. Coaches getting pissed and yelling are unacceptable here. Glad I didn't come totally unhinged. Glad I didn't yell at a ref. Coaches and parents want to win the sportsmanship award more than they do when compared to winning games. It's a different world here, in a good way.

I get my Monday and Fridays back now after school. No more practice. Not sure if I'll help with basketball again next year. If so, probably just with the girls side. The head coach this year is leaving and my friend Jamie will be in charge next year. A really good guy. They might try to talk me into being the boys head coach. Pretty sure I don't want that job. The boys might be solid next year, but they're a responsibility I don't want.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Mar 01, 2023

About the hair (I may have some experience in the road you're heading down :). At first it bothers you then gradually you just wished it would all fall out... I'm not going down the shaving my head routine--I don't like shaving my face, why would I add to that drudgery? And the really cool thing about no hair is that means no comb, no hair dryer, very little shampoo, conditioner😆, and I always enjoyed what Serfozo said about bald dudes. If anyone judges you by the hair you have or don't have they tend to be shallow (imho). Do invest in a hat or two, sunburns on your head are more painful and cause horrendous headaches and oh yea…


Cut looks good! Glad the game thing didn't turn into a Hurlbut moment. Seems you are recognizing those situations quicker. Nice job and lesson for all of us. Girls Golf starts in a week. At least 13 are signed up!

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