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TaoBao is the Amazon of China. It’s terribly easy to use and convenient. There’s an enormous wealth of products available for purchase and delivery at very reasonable prices. Actually, super cheap compared to shopping in the states. The phone interface is easy to use.

Easy? Well, easy if you speak Mandarin. I don’t, but I can log in with a computer browser like Firefox and it gets easier. Firefox will translate everything on the page into English. :BoratVoice: Very nice. It makes it fairly easy to find descriptions, measurements, and such. The interface ties together with Alipay (owned by Alibaba located here in Hangzhou). Again, super convenient.

So many things here have this convenience. Ordering dinner. Ordering produce. Ordering groceries. Ordering anything you need really. You can have all of this delivered to your residence. It’s all done on your phone with some different apps and everything is done without paper money. I’m a bit surprised this sort of technology hasn’t taken hold in the states. Perhaps people in the states have a bit of fear of this sort of system? I don’t get it. We all pay our largest bills electronically. Mortgage? Car payment? Who pays these things with cash? Hmmm. It needs more study. I dunno. Final note about TaoBao. When a price is too good to be true, it likely is. I’ve had a few items delivered that weren’t exactly what I expected. I bought some drinking glasses and a pillow that were smaller than I thought they would be. Didn’t cost me much, but lesson learned. I need to be sure of the sizes of items before I buy.

Lots of meetings again today. Finally got to gather with only the math teachers. However, we still don’t have a bell schedule or list of classes with students. I think this will be in place tomorrow. We’ll see.

Wasted tired again today. Fantasy football draft in the books. I volunteered to draft a team for my principal Fursey because he was swamped with school issues. I think I drafted a better team for him than I did myself. Kelce in the early second round made some others groan. Solid plan executed. Pretty sure Steve read that and smiled.

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I did smile! And I agree with Durk, too much fear of one world government stuff, apocalypse, etc. I do think it is changing as the younger generations avoid cash transactions entirely.


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 24, 2022

In this country-my belief is-folks get all freaked out about a "cashless society" because that is one of the 'signs' of the 'end of times'... I will keep my opinion to myself but I'm sure you know where I fall in that spectrum. Wait a second was that a lightning bolt that just came out of the bright blue sky when I typed that? go figure. Be well my friend!

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