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Teacher party

Got together last night with a gaggle of teachers. Nichola wanted to host from her apartment that overlooks the river. She has a pretty cool view. She's an interesting teacher. Two separate times I've heard her say "I'm such a *unt." And she doesn't have any nieces or nephews.

It's been a tougher week. We had to finalize reports for kids this week. They take a long time to put together. Well do the whole thing again in December. We end our semester before the new year and then take five weeks off. Chinese New Year is a big deal in late January. Reports were live for about an hour and emails came pouring in asking for clarification. Students begging for grades. Mad pressure in them to excel. I'll be seeking advice on how to proceed.

Hung out with Andrew Lawrence for a bit and talked golf. We shared a cart last week on the course. He grew up in Minnesota at a fairly exclusive course that's hosted some major events. His brother got to work as caddie. We also spoke about Dungeons and Dragons. They have a group that gets together weekly to play. I played forty years ago in the early 80s. Moira would probably love to hear that I started again. I know she plays weekly too. Probably it for me, but it was fun for a moment to entertain the thought.

Spoke with Tia Moen (drama teacher) about the upcoming production of Orphan Train. It's the story of orphaned New York City kids in the 1850s being shipped to new settlements in the Midwest. They have a spectacular new theater and she's execited about the lighting they experimented with today. The pictures she showed me were cool. Bright backgrounds with silhouetted kids on the stage. My mom introduced me to the theater when I was a teenager. Her effort to culture me. I got to see all the major productions; Cats, Phantom, Fiddler, etc. Also some big names. Debbie Reynolds, Yul Brenner, Jerry Lewis. Not sure what my favorite was. Probably Fiddler on the roof with Herschel Bernardy. I still know most of the songs.

It was interesting to hear different stories about how people ended up in China as well as were they came from. Nichola last worked in the Middle East before coming to China. She described situations where three different teachers were arrested and put in jail for random reasons. One was going home and opened the wrong door to a place that wasn't his home (they all looked the same on his neighborhood). He immediately turned around and went to his home. Three nights in jail. Another was a teacher that closed a door on a students hand accidentally. Night in jail. Glad I went to China.

A final look at the crew.

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Oct 22, 2022

Wow. You did a good job of hiding your D&D connections all yhe years I've known you. We could have had an all teacher campaign maybe when you got back. 🙂

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