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Teaching perks

Mid-autumn festival is coming up in two weeks. One of my 12th grade students brought me a gift this past Friday. I was so excited to open it I forgot to take the picture before I cut off the cool looking string that held the label and box together.

Mooncakes! They're the traditional food you eat at mid-autumn festival. They come as both savory or sweet. These were all sweet ones. Half chocolate and half nuts. So good...

And then tonight I got invited to dinner by another of my 12th grade students. Along with three other teachers Linda (Jialin) and her mom gave us an outstanding dinner with a marvelous view of the lake.

That's Zach from Ohio. He teaches physics. A bit of a card. Can you tell? It was starting to get dark out, but we had a spectacular view of the lake. Tough to see because of the glare on the window. We were treated to quite the expense meal. I'm told it's typical for parents to buy teachers dinner, especially seniors. We had an excellent meal. Lamb, fish, soup, salad, fruit. All wonderfully prepared. I liked the lamb best. Really looking forward to Xian next weekend with Aiyun. I'm told the lamb dishes in the west are awesome. Might of had too much red wine. Will be able to better evaluate in the morning.

The focus of the conversation at dinner centered on what Linda will be doing next year. We all tried to offer her our best advice, which was really questions about her priorities. How large of a city? Does she feel comfortable enough in a 100% English environment? If the states is where she ends up somewhere in the west coast away from the large city night suit her best. I suggested Portland. There are several small private schools there that might suit her needs. Like most Chinese citizens she's used to be cramped in large crowds. She's hoping to get away from that. I'll try to remember to report back on her final choice. She's a top student that will likely have several schools to choose from.

After dinner?

Another box of mooncakes. And these ones came in a fancy wooden box. Nummers. :)

It's good to be me.

Really. Life is good. I love my job. I love the adventure I'm on. I'm feeling sort of twitterpated thinking about my girlfriend and our trip next weekend. Seriously, life is good.

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