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It's Friday here in Hangzhou while it's Thanksgiving back in the states. Being 15 hours ahead is a still not something I can get used to. Hangzhou International School recognizes the significance for many of its staff so they have a yearly tradition on this Friday. No students. They conduct an in service day for staff to work in meetings and engage in some new learning. After the work day they have a large Thanksgiving feast. They supply the turkeys and staff brings the sides. I got together with a friend and made four apple pies for the event.

Aiyun came down to join me at the feast. Glad we get to spend a weekend together. Tomorrow we've been invited to join our friends Zach and Gillian for a hot pot lunch.

Here was the view of the Thanksgiving dinner. Can you find Aiyun?

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Nov 26, 2023

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving Schick!

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