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The Amber Bar and good mom news

After golf with my buddy Ian yesterday he invited me to join him and some other fellas at a bar. Lots of loud techno music and people on the prowl. Not my scene so I politely declined. Got home and had planned on crashing on the couch until I got another invite (feeling popular?) to join my friends Zach and Tony at a place called the Amber Bar. No loud music. Few people. A whiskey bar. Of course I immediately have The Doors song in my head. I found some pictures of the place online and decided I was in. More of a lounge than a bar.

Perfect mellow jazz in the background and dim lighting. Hard to read the menu. Am I that old or was it really that dark? Let this picture below decide.

It was a perfect Saturday night of conversation and opinions. I've learned a lot about Zach and Gillian so I focused my attention on Tony's story. He's a Southern California guy. Born and raised in Hollywood. College in San Diego. Spent several years traveling the world before landing in Singapore for 15 years where he met and married his wife Vanessa. Tony is an English teacher and has aspirations of going into administration. He's got high standards for students and doesn't suffer fools easily. I enjoy hearing his mini rants that he labels as kvetching because he has Jewish ancestry. He doesn't embrace it as a national sport like most of the Jewish community, but it's certainly a part of what makes him Tony. Super intelligent, well read, and always willing to speak his mind. Yet another colleague that I respect a lot.

I chatted with Aiyun on the phone before taking off to meet the guys at 9:00. I could immediately hear her concern as her boyfriend was headed out to a bar with the guys. I promised her a picture when I got there and another when I got home. This eased her mind. However, I spaced sending her a note when I got home after midnight. I was super tired and certainly buzzed after having several drinks. Big mistake on my part. From her perspective this wasn't cool. She's used to living in a world where adult men are often unfaithful. I don't want to give her any reason to think I'm potentially unfaithful. I tried to explain that the Amber Bar was empty by 10:00 and we were the only three there until just past midnight. No good. I did my best to validate her feelings and apologized, but I'm certainly in the dog house today. I earned it.

Hit some more golf balls on the field today. Great session. I finished with a confident consistent feeling standing over the ball.

Spoke with my aunts Wendy and Billie today about my mom. The reports aren't just good, but over the top positive. Mom has met a new man at The Cottages. His name is...David. He dances with her and both Wendy and Billie report she's enthusiastically happy about that. Wow. That happened quickly. Both of my aunts said they went from very concerned to relieved within days. Further, she made friends with four other ladies that live in the same section of the Cottages.

In other related news mom's bank records showed up. I've already forwarded them to DSHS and now I'm missing only one piece of paperwork necessary to complete her Medicaid application, the 1099R form reporting her income last year. My buddy Brian should be picking that up soon from Summit Place where she used to live. Like Hannibal from the A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together.

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