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The grades are in

My high level (HL) 12th grade students received their scores on their IB exams. IB finals are graded on a scale of 1 to 7. Passing is considered to be a 3. I had nine students take the test exams.

7 7 6 6 6 6 5 5 and a 3. I'll take it. It felt like they would do much worse, but that's was likely my own paranoia. Their grades were very similar to their overall grades in my class. My admin will be happy and this is a solid addition to my resume. Happy days.

Played nine holes of golf today. Still feel stiff and sore in the neck and shoulders,

but the real test will come tomorrow morning. Scored terribly. Irons were awful, but hit some nice drives. Glad to spend more time with Ted before he flies out tonight.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning. I'll be having breakfast with a group of retired teachers from Meridian. They been gathering every Friday morning since before I started working at Meridian back in 1993. Eventually they all started retiring one at a time and I was the only one still working. I like to think they give me perspective. I'm aging and will retire at some point. My hope is to be the best teacher I ever was in my final years like Mike P. He's been a good role model for younger teachers with his uncompromising principles and dedication to his students. When he speaks I do my best to listen. He also makes some spectacular apricot jam.

Afternoon is going to be nine holes with long term friend Pam. We played softball together for a lot of years. She been a faithful blog reader and it'll be good to catch up.

Tomorrow night is cribbage with the guys. We've been getting together for a few years now. Durk, Tony, Brian and I have taken turns providing dinner for each other before we play cribbage. Smoked meats, wings, steaks, ribs, etc. I'm no great cook. It's been my pleasure watching the other three compete for the best meal. Worth noting, my buddy Mike is a world class cribbage player. Seriously. He's won some big tournaments.

My schedule for while I'm home is filling up fast. Looking to get many rounds of golf in with friends. Several lunches with more friends and colleagues. Trips to Tacoma for a family gathering and a golf trip with buddies to Spokane. I might need a vacation after my vacation.

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