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The Leon Box

I've managed to survive without network television since mid-July. Lots of movies and old TV shows through Netflix, HBO-max, and other apps in my computer. The need to watch some live college basketball finally made me invest in The Leon Box.

All the expat teachers at HIS use this. It's a Google TV box they get from a local named Leon. It came highly recommended. Leon puts his own personal app on the box that taps into tons of channels in the states for live TV. There are pages and pages of TV channels that look like this. So many sports channels it makes the head spin. And yes, that's my Xmas tree. Suck it, Charlie Brown.

The Google TV box has lots of pre installed apps I'm already using, so it will be nice to use a TV without having to tether my laptop to it across the living room.

More good news to share. Covid rules appear to be changing fast here. Perhaps those protests had a positive impact. They are no longer contact tracing in public spaces so I don't need to worry about getting yellow coded if I go to a mall or restaurant. Still hoping to get to Beijing during my five week break.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
06 de dez. de 2022

The lengths some folks will go to for their Rock Chalk fix :D Nicely done sir! Nothing like human ingenuity -- if there is a demand for a thing then that thing will come to be.


Such good news!! I really hope you can travel over the break as that was part of the reason to do this adventure. Now let's hope the protests in Iran have a positive impact.

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