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The online dating scene

I couldn’t help myself. I had planned to wait a bit, but I had to peek. I was the kid that put in an exhaustive search of his mother’s bedroom just before Christmas. Yes, the patience of a gnat. It’s gotten much better as I’ve grown older and I’ve learned how to fake patience, but the drive for immediate gratification is still there.

Just for Brian… Can I tee off yet? How about now?

I’ll have to admit there are a few women here on campus that I would consider dating, but I have to draw the line at dating a colleague. Not going there.

I did some searching for which platform to look on and settled on the one for the more mature crowd in China. Feels appropriate. Not sure what I’ld find, but had to look. I created a profile and started looking. What did I see? A mountain of women that look like they’re teenagers. Seriously. All the Asian women age like sloths. The men? Not so slow. There were a few that made me feel like I was a creepy old man. And those were some in their forties. I’m not kidding. How old is this young lady? You look and ponder. I’ll wait. Go ahead. :tappingfingersonthetable:

She’s 44. Oh come on now. Seriously? I could post pics of many more. Same reaction. And here’s the weird thing, after walking around Hangzhou I believe she’s 44. I can’t tell how old any of these women are. It’s not until somewhere around 60 or 70 that it becomes a bit more clear. It’s a creepy feeling. Hey, she’s hot. Wait. Is she 20 or 50? Dang. What’s a single guy to think? I don’t want to sound completely shallow. Isn’t looks the first thing we notice? To be clear, there’s no way I’m dating a women under 40. I need to find someone that’s lived enough life to be on an emotional and maturity scale similar to my own.

Okay. I’ve been down this road before. I was deeply in lust with my ex-wife. I’ve made that mistake and won’t go there again. I’m looking for specific things and will hold myself up to that list. I need someone with shared interests. Travel. Movies. Food. Games. Fun. Golf isn’t a must, but at least the interest to try. I need someone that will talk to me and challenge me when they disagree. I need someone that will appreciate what I have to offer. Hopefully I will learn and understand her needs and I’ll find a match.

To the computer. What happened in the next 24 hours is mind blowing. I just made a profile and looked. I swear. I didn’t pay anyone off. My email inbox was FLOODED the next morning. I’m talking a landslide of likes, messages, and favorites. Each with a separate email to let me know I’ve been contacted in some way. I got hits from all over China. Just over 200 emails. I kid you not. Women from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu… I think you get the idea. I believe I’m an avenue to get to the states for most of these women. Whatever the reason, I’m suddenly popular. Go me. It’s an odd dynamic from what I remembered when I did the online thing back in the states. I remember having to initiate contact. Not the case this time around.

Next steps? Not sure. Time to be picky. Certainly filter it down to only Hangzhou.

Final fun for the day. Which of these ladies (all in Hangzhou) are older than 45?

Obvious answer? Of course they all are. Now, which is the one that’s 55? Best of luck with that. If you want to pick one and guess in the comments I’ll let you know if you’re right.

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