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The Wet Market

I went to a wet market yesterday. Before going I was immediately nervous. I’ve been trained by western media to associate the concept of a wet market with a dirty alley where somebody is selling me bats and monkey brains. It’s the covid story. If you do an image search it’s not hard to find this.

So….what was it really like here in Hangzhou? See for yourself.

It was a very clean two story building with an escalator. Fruits and fresh seafood on the lower floor. Vegetables and meats on the upper floor. Everything looked super fresh. The people working there were helpful and engaging. The reality is they don’t have huge super markets like we have in the states. They have small markets in local neighborhoods, and then wet markets like this one for all sorts of perishable goods. We were there in the afternoon when it wasn’t busy. I’m told they are teaming with folks early in the mornings. Huh. Learned something new yesterday. I guess it was a good day. Didn’t even have to use my A.K. :gangsta:

Today at school we went through a round robin of meetings. Informational and necessary I guess, but none the less meetings…

We ended our school day with an analysis of individual teacher strengths. Our principal Fursey had all of us complete the questionnaire beforehand. The test is referred to as the Clifton. This methodology is used by the Gallup organization. The report came back with a list of our strengths. Here was my top 5.

  1. Analytical

  2. Learner

  3. Relator

  4. Consistency

  5. Strategic

To those that know me it’s likely no shocker. I’ve invested myself deep into the Myers-Briggs test for about 20 years. I’ve used it to create heterogeneous groups in my math classes. Taking the Clifton felt much like taking the Myers-Briggs. Several pairings of statements asking which you feel is more like you. The Clifton returns a list of your strengths. I can’t object. It fits well with my overall philosophy. I think we’re all good at some things. Not so good at others. Focusing on your weaknesses is a formula for being miserable in my opinion. As a math teacher I try hard to make sure students know they aren’t any less of a person if they struggle with mathematics. It might sound weird coming from a math teacher, but I think we make students take way too much math. It hurts to watch so many struggle when it’s just not their thing. The concept of what’s necessary is too wrapped up in politics. I see people being emotional and unrealistic on this topic more often than not.

Anywho, it was a day. More meetings tomorrow. Looking forward to gathering as a math department. I think we get some time tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow: TaoBao, convenience, and difficulty.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 24, 2022

The pics of the market were great... nice to see a first hand source and perspective. Also, the last couple paragraphs shows the "why" and the "how" you are a phenomenal math teacher. Just sayin.


That market looks exactly like the one on Granville Island and the one in Richmond, BC. In fact it looks nicer!

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