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The World Cup

I've heard of it. From what I gather it's a big deal in most parts of the world. Not so much in the states.

Holy soccer balls, Batman. These people are World Cup crazy. It is a big deal. Of course I've joined in on a bracket competition. It's got a March Madness feel to it.

This is my bracket. There are many like it, but this one is mine (I really need to watch Full Metal Jacket again soon). I had to pick two teams from each group. After the initial games happen only two team from each group advance. After that happens I'll have to fill in the rest. Having close to no knowledge on the subject I researched the InterGoogle and found some lists to help me out.

I've also got myself into a secondary drawing. Everyone picks a single team out of a hat. If your team wins there's more money involved. I got Germany. Apparently the Germans are good at this. I've displayed my German selection in my classroom so my students know who to root for. I told them that if I win there will be donuts and pizza for everyone purchased with the prize money (it's in the thousands of RMB). A boy named James, who's quite the footballer, let out a loud "Go Germany!" cheer. The crowd went wild. I'm never above bribery to win fans.

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Totally understand Durk. Here's the other side: nearly all my students of color, especially the Hispanic kids are super into it. They are all talking about the teams, players, great plays. It is truly an international sport. It's like they all feel connected and they all have something to talk about where they are the experts. I've had a kid from Guatemala and one from Colombia who have said little, but once I asked them about the WC, they lit up and had a lot to say.


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Nov 24, 2022

Not to be a complete buzz kill... I'm boycotting anything to do with the world cup... not that I ever paid much attention to it anyway but look into fifa and qatar -- and for the record I am souring on anything to do with the ncaa (look into the "student-athlete" term)... bottom line when there is mega bucks involved there is nearly always humans being taken advantage of at some level... not that I'm a saint or anything close to it but I would like to see those in power treat humans humanely... ok, done with my diatribe. Be well my friend!

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